Human impact. The genetic erosion of crops and livestock species is consistently shrinking biodiversity. The consumption of fertile soil, the so-called desert storm, is drastically reducing fresh water renewability. Agriculture globally yields 14 per cent of greenhouse gases, 80 per cent of deforestation, and one third of food waste from storage to supermarkets.

There is a need to replace the present meaning of productivity with an environment- and society-conscious food production system. That is our why.


Food System Sustainability. The GreenInch. helps farmers and food producers rethink and streamline their food systems (i.e. cultivation and breeding, transformation, distribution, consumption) as a whole, for the good. Community-based sustainability is our goal. Pooling resources is our mean.

"Our commitment to all reasonable entrepreneurs who every day think and act responsibly, whose everyday work inspires new generations of entrepreneurs". Silvia N. G. Agati

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Dr Silvia N. G. AGATI, Founder of The GreenInch.
Dr Silvia N. G. AGATI

Drops in the Ocean. The passion for Food and Nature permeates my daily thoughts, words and actions. Since 2012 I have been studying and contributing to Food Systems in a way Nutrition preserves Mother Earth. This is all about my social mission.
Dr Agati achieved Masters of Science in International Business and Management and in Europäisches Management. She came out with a Conceptual Model of Corporate Sustainability across Cultures, which has been applied to Food Systems since 2014.